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Bio:   We are DYD (Do your displays), the leading supplier of indoor visual display solutions. From creation to design, manufacture to provide , we bring out the best in display.
For over 20 years, DYD combines proven experience in production of various styles of display stands .We are working in retail displays and store exhibits . We have 80 professionals in production team and consummate management team in our well-equipped plant of 6,000 square meters in Shanghai.
We have great facilities to help us deliver what you need for your bespoke displays. Exceeding expectations every day takes a talented team and the right technology. Our stringent quality requirements for staff is the key to ensure that all products meet local and overseas markets high quality requirements. Our quality management standards meet ISO9001:2008 and approved with SGS. We're also approved by SEDEX as the member.
Why Choose DYD
We are the only fabricator approved by PLEXIGLASS® in China.
We have effective QA system to ensure the quality of all products and get the certification of ISO9001: 2008 and SGS.
- Our raw material meet the standards of REACH and MSDS.
- We are the Sedex member and you can share our audit report quickly and easily.
- Trade Assurance offer 100% Product quality protection; 100% On-time shipment protection;100% Payment protection
-24-7 customer support service is available any time
Our Awardswholesale Acrylic Rack
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