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About HSF Biotech
Being an innovation-oriented and fast-growing enterprise, HSF Biotech's R&D and marketing departments have always been devoting to supplying systematic solutions, as to better serve our brand customers world-widely, especially the famous regional customers in food&beverages, pharma, health care and cosmetics industries.
R&D Capacity
HSF aims to be technological lead developed by constant innovation. we have our technical team leaded by post-doctors, graduates from biology and food, who are skilled at independent R&D and in industrialization. HSF has dozens of key patents in some frontier biological technologies. Meanwhile, we made some close industry-eduction-research institution collaborations with many China famous universities like: China Agricultural University, Jiangnan University, South China University of Technology, Jinan University and Northeast Agricultural University, which ensures us to establish a new business two-engines-drived model with powerful R&D and Marketing capabilities.
HSF has always been devoting to prospective technologies and applications of health products with an international vision since established in 2011.HSF also works actively to push its technol-ogical achievenments and patents into industrialization based on its foundational ingredients R%D of health products.With dozens of invention patents in fields of functional lipids,natural anti-oxidant,carotenoids and micro-encapsulations,HSF recommends its he-alth food ingredients like phytosterol ester,highly concentrated tocopherols etc,to a variety of applications like anti-oxidant,ch-olesterl-lowering, immune system enhancing, cardiovascular disease prevention.Furthermore,with its frontier research on modern biological bacteria fermentation,HSF will fulfill the bre-adth and depth of applications for natural functional factors used in high-valued health food productions.
HSF Ingredients ranges
Functional LipidsPhytosterol Ester,Highly concentrated Tocopherols,Nutrient Premix,
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids,Functional Vegetable Oil.
Natural β –carotene,Lutein,Natural Astaxanthin,Zeaxanthin,LycopenepeneMedium Chain Triglyceride oil powder manufacturers
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